Totally Epic


“Totally Epic”: On the final day of the MMORPG The Worlds of Eledor Online, five squabbling avatars set off on a quest to obtain one last screenshot for the real-life Player who created them. As the hours count down and their server draws closer to being unplugged forever, the party must struggle to overcome internal quarrels, external enemies, and a realm-wide sense of depression. Will they run out of time and forever languish in digital obscurity? Or will they pull together in time to make their final adventure Totally Epic?

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Grand Tour


“Steve Ruskin has an artist acquire a device that lets him draw authentic historical scenes at the cost of his own art.” —

“Grand Tour” in Temporally Out of Order.

TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER: It’s frustrating when a gadget stops working. But what if the gadget is working fine, it’s just “temporally” out of order? What would you do if you discovered your cell phone linked you to a different time? Or that your camera took pictures of the past? In this collection, seventeen leading science fiction authors share their take on what happens when gadgets run temporally amok. From past to future, humor to horror, there’s something for everyone. Join Seanan McGuire, Elektra Hammond, David B. Coe, Chuck Rothman, Faith Hunter, Edmund R. Schubert, Steve Ruskin, Sofie Bird, Laura Resnick, Amy Griswold, Laura Anne Gilman, Susan Jett, Gini Koch, Christopher Barili, Stephen Leigh, Juliet E. McKenna, and Jeremy Sim as they investigate how ordinary objects behaving temporally out of order can change our everyday lives.

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Lotus of Albion


“I loved reading all the tales but a special note for … Lotus of Albion by Steve Ruskin.” —Pebble in the Still Waters

“My top favorites were … Lotus of Albion by Steve Ruskin, the tale of romance … and betrayal.” — reviewer

“Lotus of Albion” in Avast, Ye Airships!

AVAST, YE AIRSHIPS! In a daring history that never was, pirates roam the skies instead of the seas. Fantastical airships sail the clouds on both sides of the law. Within these pages, you will find stories of pirates and their prey with a few more pragmatic airships thrown in. With stories ranging from Victorian skies to an alien invasion, there is something for everyone in these eighteen tales of derring-do!

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