“The Girl Beneath the Wagon” out now in Hoofbeats: Flying with Magical Horses

A mysterious girl who is not what she seems. A vicious sorceress bent on breaking the girl’s spirit. A young boy working in his abusive uncle’s sorry excuse for an inn. Their destinies collide one fateful night, and not everyone will survive.

My story “The Girl Beneath the Wagon” out now in Hoofbeats: Flying with Magical Horses.


“Mythic City Assay Office” out now in Story Emporium 2

What happens to a small mining town high in the Rocky Mountains when a strange meteorite opens a portal to another world? Find out in my weird west short story, “Mythic City Assay Office,” out now in Story Emporium 2. And enjoy a bunch of other great steampunk / weird western /alternative history stories as well, from authors like J.A. Campbell, Lyn McConchie, and David Boop.


Mr. Asher’s Island


Unfairly convicted and made to serve his enemy, Fergus McGowan is the only one who can help the very people he is forced to hurt. Armed only with his unique understanding of industrial-age machinery and the analytical insights of the Cambridge mathematician Charles Babbage, he must free not only himself but those factory workers for whom the new age of steam is both their worst nightmare and best hope for a better life.

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“Grand Tour” in Up and Coming


My story “Grand Tour” is currently available in Up and Coming: Stories by the 2016 Campbell-Elegible Authors. The anthology “includes 120 authors—who contributed 230 works totaling approximately 1.1 MILLION words of fiction.” Very cool!

This will be available only for a short time—through March 31, 2016. Get your copy here.

My thanks to Joshua Palmatier of Zombies Need Brains, LLC for allowing my story to appear there (it was originally published last year in the ZNB anthology Temporally Out of Order).

Thanks as well to S.L. Huang and Kurt Hunt for putting Up and Coming together!

The Opposition of Mars


“… a real delight. I’ll admit I’m a sucker for astronomy stories.”—Goodreads.com reviewer

“The Opposition of Mars,” out now in The Martian Anthology.

THE MARTIAN ANTHOLOGY: Even in ancient times people stared off into space and watched that red dot in the sky and wondered what was going on up there on Mars. It spurs both scientific inquiry and the imagination. Add two moons with some interesting properties of their own and you have a wonderful place for all kinds of stories of the imagination. Here a colonist finds herself marooned far from home, a rover doesn’t always obey its handlers, Martian invaders struggle with the religious practices of the conquered, working on Mars proves more challenging that anyone could have expected, Martian emissaries express their concerns about their neighbor, a Martian spaceship captain wants his portrait painted and plenty more stories about earth’s neighbor and those who might inhabit it.

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